General Rules:

  1. Rabbit and/or Lion have the right to refuse, decline, or cancel a commission at any time.

  2. If a commission has been paid for and started, then canceled, by either party, the cost of time and unpurchased supplies will be refunded. (This is a very rare occurrence and we will aim to work with the commissioner before this step is enacted.)

  3. All requests must have a due date. If a request does not have a date for competition, we will not be able to give a quote as we must make sure we have the time frame available to us to complete commissions on time.

  4. Commissions must be submitted through the form below. We prefer to not publicize personal information and allow the commissioner to tag themselves in completed photos.

  5. All quotes will have a small breakdown of costs. This does not mean you can haggle supply or time costs. We breakdown this information in case the commission needs to be cancelled.

  6. Full payment is due before we can start the commission. If you request a payment plan, please keep your due date in mind and the time needed to complete your commission.

Rabbit's Available Commissions:

Every day wearable items (IE: pleated, circle, or basic skirts, pajama pants)

Wigs (Including custom coloring, styling, and repairing)

Aprons (customized and accented per you)

Other textile items (just ask!)

Lion's Available Commissions:

3D printed Tabletop supplies and accessories (Including dice accessories and mini figures)

Etched glassware (customized per your request)

Joint Available Commissions:

Cosplay props (completed and unfinished)

Designed Hoodies (coming soon!)

If, for any reason, you are displeased with the work received, you have 7 days from delivery date to contact us. We take each request on a case by case basis. The way you decide to interact with us with concerns affects how we will interact with you.If an item is damaged in transit, we will need photographs of the damage so we can contact the shipping company to file a report. We will then work with you on if it's repairable by you with our guidance, if needs to be shipped back for repairs, or if we need to rebuild the commission as a whole. 

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